Parsha Songs by Chaya Mushka Kievman


Parshas Chukas Song

BS”D To Tune Of: ‘שובה ה ***************************** Some Mitzvos defy reason of the human mind, That we do solely to with Hashem bind. The command of Parah Aduma we do, Only because Hashem told us […]

Parshas Shelach Song

BS”D To Tune Of: אשרינו ******************************************************* “Shelach Lecha Anashim – Send for yourself some men,” some Yidden Who will scout the Holy Land; Nesi’im from each Shevet were chosen, and… Hoshea’s name became Yehoshua then, ‘Cause Moshe […]

Parshas Beha’aloscha Song

BS”D To Tune Of: ניגון ראש חודש כסלו  ************************************** Aharon was told to light, The flames of the Menorah bright, ‘Till the flame on its own does ignite. The Levi’im were being prepared to work […]

Parshas Nasso Song

BS”D To Tune Of: וכל קרני רשעים ************************************** Moshe told Gershon and Merari What were their families’ duty: Gershon carried the coverings of the Mishkan; To carry the beams and pillars, Merari was the one. Any […]

Parhas Emor Song

BS”D To Tune Of: ושמחת בחגיך ******************************************* A Kohen shall be holy, ’cause he’s elevated for sure; He cannot become impure. To serve in the Mishkan with a defect, is incorrect. We can’t eat holy foods if we are […]

Parshas Kedoshim Song

BS”D To Tune Of: שישו ושמחו *********************************************** Hashem says we must be holy, ‘Cause He’s Holy – “Ki Kadosh Ani.” Every person, their parents they must respect; And from idols must reject. Leave a bit of […]

Parshiyos Tazria and Metzora Songs

BS”D Parshas Tazria Song To tune of: דידן נצח ********************** When a woman gives birth to a baby son, Through having a Bris Milah he enters the covenant of Avraham. Speaking Lashon Hara brought Tzaraas […]

Parshas Vayikra Song

BS”D TUNE: Podoh V’Sholom ************************************************** Korbanos bring us close to Hashem; The following animals shall be brought by the Yidden: Cows, sheep, pigeons or doves. The poorest Yidden brought flour and oil for loaves. They brought […]

Parshas Vayakhel Song

BS”D Tune: Yifrach Beyomov ****************************************************** The Mishkan’s materials, the Jews did bring; They came fast, they brought everything. The Nesi’im decided to wait, They didn’t show any haste; Because they came late Only left was […]

Parshas Ki Sisa Song

BS”D Tune: אימתי קאתי מר **************************************** Even when we want to know the amount Of Jews, we don’t count A half a Shekel coin we use That’s for the sockets so the walls won’t be […]

Parshas Tetzaveh Song

BS”D Tune: אנעים זמירות ************************************************* Oil, take for Menorah's lights, Only the purest used to make them burn bright; The lamps would be kindled by the Kohen, Until from the lamp rose a flame. Only […]

Parshas Teruma Song

BS”D Tune: מי לי *************************************************** Chorus Make for me a Mishkan, ועשו לי מקדשAnd I shall dwell in them, ושכנתי בתוכם Chorus In the Holy of Holies, Kodesh Hakodashim, Was the golden aron with the […]

Parshas Mishpotim Song

BS”D TTO: אזמר בשבחין ****************************************** Parshas Mishpotim talks about being a mentch and how to deal with others too; We can do Mitzvos in everything we do, Bechol D’rachecho Do’eihu.  A Jewish slave stops working after […]

Parshas Beshalach Song

BS”D Tune: ניגון שמחה  ************************************** Only days after Egypt we left, Of sending his servants- Paroh did regret, With a strong heart and chariots, too, He and his nation chased after the Jews.   We […]

Parshas Bo Song

BS”D Tune: ממצרים גאלתנו There were so many locusts, they made the earth unseen, It was the worst locust plague there had ever been, Choshech- six days of dark,  There wasn’t a single spark-  For […]

Parshas Shemos Song

BS”D Tune: והיא שעמדה ***************************************** Chorus: We were slaves, In slavery we lay, To Pharaoh the king, He was very mean, But we knew that one day, Hashem’s Kind Hand Would save and bring us […]

Parshas Vayechi Song

BS”D Tune: ואנחנו עמך **************************************************** Yaakov was getting old in Mitzrayim He gave brochos to Menashe and Efrayim He put his right hand on Efrayim; Yosef tried to correct But Yaakov did reject Yaakov gave […]

Parshas Vayigash Song

BS”D Tune: אבוא בגבורות  Yosef told his brothers, that he was none other, Than Yosef, their lost brother. Serach played the harp, about Yosef’s fame, And to Egypt,  Yaakov and his family came. 70 souls […]

Parshas Mikeitz Song

BS”D Tune: הנרות הללו After 12 long, hard years, Hashem finally listened to Yosef’s tears, What Pharaoh dreamed, No one could explain it, it seemed. Yosef was called to the throne, “I had strange dreams,” […]

Parshas Vayishlach Song

BS”D Tune: אבוא בגבורות ********************************************* Yaakov was travelling to Eretz Canaan, Heading away from wicked Lavan. He met Eisav’s angel when the river He was crossing; The whole night they were wrestling. Yaakov fought with […]