To Tune Of: האדרת והאמונה


To every one of us is Hashem’s plea,
To follow in His Mitzvos carefully,
Im Bechukosai Telechu,
If Torah learning we’ll do.

Hashem, from all other matters, will turn away,
To supply us with every bracha there is today;
The rain will fall at a time that’s convenient and right,
When we’re not usually outside, which is on Shabbos night.

Trees will bear fruits, even the barren ones;
Of food, there will be tons;
We’ll eat and be full;
Peace in the land will rule.

We will sleep at night without fear,
There won’t be wild animals there,
No foreign army will enter the land,
All enemies will fall into your hand.

For us serving Hashem beyond the letter of the law,
Hashem will increase us more and more;
He will make a new covenant with us forever,
And make His teachings part of us so to do wrong, we’ll never.

Hashem will place among us His Mishkan,
If the Mitzvos are kept by everyone.
But if we don’t listen to Hashem,
And the Mitzvos aren’t followed, then –

Hashem lists the consequences that then will happen,
Including Golus, sickness and famine;
But then Hashem will remember His promise to Yaakov, Yizchak and Avraham,
To bring the Geula and redeem, of their descendants, each one.

The value of a person, animal, or field we can give to Hashem –
The amount of money differs depending on the age of the person;
One tenth of animals for Hashem we shall take.
This is the end of Sefer Vayikra, Chazzak, Chazzak, Venischazek!