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704, 2020

The Key to Staying Alight? Sing the Song of Your Soul!

April 7th, 2020|0 Comments

 B"H The following throughts were presented at our most recent Connect & Create Celebration, a collaboration by Jewish Girls Unite, Crown Heights Yeshiva, the Menachem Education Foundation, and Bat Mitzvah Club International.  Broadcasted live on Sunday, April 5, the program celebrated the birthday of the Lubavitcher Rebbe - Nissan 11 - and honored the legacy of Miriam the Prophetess, whose passing was commemorated the day before (Nissan 10).  I (Tzipporah Prottas, JGU Team Member) was asked to share a vignette of the Lubavitcher Rebbe with an empowering message for the adverse times we are currently facing in the world. *** Step back in time with me, to the early

2703, 2020

10 Tips & Thoughts for a Pandemic – by Tzipporah Prottas

March 27th, 2020|0 Comments

 B"H 1) REMEMBER there is a plan for all of this - even if it ain't yours - and that Someone is always in control - even if it ain't you.   2) BOLSTER your faith and trust in G-d.  Faith is the awareness of G-d's Oneness, there is no (true) existence aside from Him, so He’s the sole cause of everything.  Trust is the conviction that everything He causes is ultimately good, even if we can't humanly comprehend why.   3) BE FLEXIBLE.  Anything can change in any direction.  Instead of resisting, try rolling with your circumstances and make the best that you personally can out of them.

2703, 2020

Passover in Quarantine? We’ve Got This.

March 27th, 2020|0 Comments

 B"H Lockdown, “shelter in place,” isolation.  This is frequent vocabulary today as we, humanity, face an unprecedented global situation with COVID-19.   Many Jewish families must cancel plans to spend their Pesach by relatives, friends, a hotel or vacation program, and instead prepare their holiday at home.  DID YOU KNOW?  Our ancestors also spent their very first Passover (Pesach) Seder, the night before leaving Egypt, in quarantine. As G-d’s Tenth Plague swept through Egypt and took our captors’ firstborn, G-d commanded the Jewish People, ensconced in our own homes, to slaughter and eat our Pesach offering (according to its detailed laws).  There have been a few rare cases when elevated

2503, 2020

Reflections on the Times We are Facing by Chaya Mushka Kievman

March 25th, 2020|0 Comments

    I remember months ago, on my summer vacation, when I saw on the news that there was a disease called coronavirus in China.  Hmmm, nothing major, it'll probably be something that will only affect China and go away in two seconds.  Or so I thought.  Hashem had other plans.     Come Shushan Purim, my whole world was "V'Nahafoch Hu" ['overturned'].  And yours was probably, too.  So many things were cancelled.  I guess that's because it's not us, but Hashem Who makes the schedules.     How could this be? Isn't it supposed to be Adar, a time of joy and happiness?     Yet one of

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