To Tune Of: ניגון ראש חודש כסלו 


Aharon was told to light,
The flames of the Menorah bright,
‘Till the flame on its own does ignite.

The Levi’im were being prepared to work in the Mishkan,
They were shaved, waved, purifying waters sprinkled on each one.

The Korban Pesach was brought, yet there was an outcry,
Of some Jews who said,  “Why should we miss out, why?”
They got Tamei ‘coz they carried Yosef’s coffin then,
And couldn’t but wanted to bring a Korban to Hashem. 

There’s always a second chance- it’s never too late,
Hashem said, “Bring the Korban Pesach on a second date,”
On Pesach Sheini, on Yud Daled Iyar,
Can bring a Korban, those impure or too far. 

Make two silver trumpets, to blow, 
So when to assemble and travel,  everyone will know, 
When there is Milchama,
Blow, call out to Hashem in your Tzara.

When we turn to Hashem,
We will be remembered and saved, Venoshatem,
On your joyous Yomim Tovim and special days,
Blow the trumpets during the Korbanos, always.

The Yidden complained about the Man,
Which was special, a delicacy for everyone,
Moshe shared with seventy elders His holy light,
They’d help Him lead the Yidden, day and night.

Hashem brought the Slav, birds to eat,
Because B’nai Yisroel craved for meat,
But because they complained to Hashem,
Many of them passed away then.

Miriam spoke Lashon Hara about Moshe, Tzaraas she got,
Moshe was humble a lot,
Despite being talked about, He repaid bad with good,
And Davened that Hashem to heal Miriam, should.

For seven days, by the entire camp, Miriam was waited for,
Until she became healed again and pure,
‘Coz she waited a bit for Moshe by the shore,
If you do a kind act, it’ll return to you in more.