To Tune Of: ‘שובה ה


Some Mitzvos defy reason of the human mind,
That we do solely to with Hashem bind.
The command of Parah Aduma we do,
Only because Hashem told us to.

If a person becomes Tamei from a dead body,
The ashes of the Parah Aduma can be used to rid the impurity.
The well, that in Miriam’s merit, provided water for all every day,
Stopped providing water once she passed away.

B’nai Yisrael with Moshe and Aharon fought,
Said, “To this bad place, why have we been brought?”
Hashem told Moshe to speak to the rock, to show,
Like an inanimate obeys Hashem, us, how much more so.

Moshe, Mesiras Nefesh for us had,
He didn’t want us to look bad.
He hit the rock, so in the desert he’d pass away,
With the Dor Hamidbar he loyally did stay.

When Aharon was Niftar, all the Yidden did cry,
‘Cause to make peace between them, Aharon did try.
B’nai Yisrael complained about the Man;
Hashem sent snakes to everyone.

To a snake, everything tastes like dust,
Yet it doesn’t complain, it has no lust.
The Yidden weren’t grateful, so the snakes bit them;
A copper snake was made, so they’d be healed and return to Hashem.

Hashem finished off our enemies without us knowing,;
The well, the miracle to us was showing:
Our enemies’ body parts to us it brought along,
So, to Hashem, we did sing a song.

Hashem saved us from Sichon and Og – giant men;
He gets rid of those who try to destroy the Yidden.