To Tune Of: אשרינו


“Shelach Lecha Anashim –
Send for yourself some men,” some Yidden
Who will scout the Holy Land;
Nesi’im from each Shevet were chosen, and…

Hoshea’s name became Yehoshua then,
‘Cause Moshe davened to Hashem:
“Please save Yehoshua from the advice
Of the spies.”

The spies came back, showed the fruit of Eretz Yisrael;
Though they said it had good things, they gave a bad report as well:
“Mighty are all, there are giants so tall,”
Yet Kalev objected, “We’ll conquer it, not fall!”

Yet the other spies said, “That’s an impossibility,
They’re way stronger than we.”
The whole nation did cry,
They said they’d rather die.

On this night, because crying for nothing we did do,
This night, Tisha B’Av, Hashem gave us a reason to.
Hashem wanted to destroy us then,
Because we didn’t show Emunah in Hashem.

But Moshe begged and stopped Hashem from destroying us completely;
Instead, for forty years, through the desert we’d have to journey.
Some people tried to go into Eretz Yisrael against Hashem’s command;
They were killed while entering the land.

When bread we bake,
Challah we do take,
From the first of our dough,
To Hashem it does go.

To the Kohen, it was given to,
In the times of the Bais Hamikdash, that’s what we did do;
But nowadays, we take this piece of bread,
Set it aside, and burn it instead.

Tzitzis on the corners of men’s clothes to wear,
To remember to do Mitzvos and not go astray by influences here.
We need to be for Hashem holy,
So Moshiach will come speedily.