To Tune Of: הושיעה את עמיך


Because Hashem loves every Jew;

So, to count them, Moshe was commanded to.

Each man, twenty and up, those fit to go to war,

Were the right criteria to be counted, for sure.


Because Hashem does hold us dear,

In the desert, He counted us there;

To over six hundred thousand, they amounted,

Excluding Shevet Levi, not yet counted.


Shevet Levi had to carry

The Mishkan, on every journey.

They must camp around the Mishkan,

But through other Jews, this work may not be done.


To camp by their flag, each person must.

The vessels of the Mishkan, were put in the Levi’im’s trust,

They will assist the Kohanim;

Because of the Cheit Ha’Eigel, they replace all firstborn Yidden.


“All Levi’im over one month old,

Count,” Moshe was told.

Kehos’s family,

The keilim did cover and carry.