To Tune Of: שישו ושמחו


Hashem says we must be holy,
‘Cause He’s Holy – “Ki Kadosh Ani.”
Every person, their parents they must respect;
And from idols must reject.

Leave a bit of harvest for the poor;
Underdeveloped grapes, leave for sure;
Fallen grapes or stalks you must leave,
For the poor, converts in need.

“Lo Signovu,” don’t steal money or property.
We can’t in Hashem’s Name swear falsely.
A worker’s wage, don’t withhold.
Don’t curse another, we are told.

“V’Ahavta L’Reacha Komocha,” 
Like you love yourself, you must love another.
Wool and linen together don’t wear;
Don’t make Kilayim, appreciate what’s here.

Respect the old and wise;
Before them, you shall rise,
Don’t taunt a Ger with words,
‘Cause you yourselves were strangers.

In business have correct scales, Hashem commands;
Our honesty is why we left Egypt with a strong hand.