To Tune Of: ניגון לשבת ויום טוב


Korach wanted Kehunah,
Said the entire nation had Kedusha,
Rebelled against Moshe with two hundred and fifty men.
“Bring Ketores”, Moshe told them,
‘Through that, we’ll see, who is close to Him,
Whom Hashem has chosen.’

For Dasan and Aviram, Moshe did call;
Moshe cares for every soul.
He repaid their rebellion and bad with good,
Hoped of sparing them from destruction if doing Teshuva they would.

We all have to strive to get close to Hashem,
Yet there’s only one Kohen Gadol chosen.
Using the Nesi’ims’ staffs, Hashem performed a Neis;
Aharon’s staff was the only one to flower from its place.

Moshe Emes, Moshe is true,
Vesoraso Emes, and His Torah is, too.