To Tune Of: Napoleon’s March


Hashem, on Har Sinai did command,
“When you come to the Holy Land,
For six years plant your field,
Gather produce it does yield,
But in the Seventh year, 
The land shall rest there.”

Don’t prune your vine 
During that time;
In Shemittah nothing is ‘mine;’
All’s hefker, we can’t work the land. 
During Shemittah we see,
Results aren’t ’cause of me, 
But is Hashem’s Hand.

Count seven times seven years and the fiftieth shall be,
For you and me holy;
It’s like Shemittah –
All slaves free become,
Property returns to original owners for everyone.

In buying and selling we may never cheat;
‘Cause of Shemittah, we ask, “What will we eat?”
But Hashem says, “Vetzivisi es Birchasi -“
The yield will be times three.

If a Jew is becoming poor,
Help him, support him for sure;
Get him on his feet, before he has no money,
Lend some to him, interest free.

Don’t make your Eved Ivri do degrading tasks for you;
Only respectable jobs he shall do.
A non-Jewish slave you can keep forever,
To make idols we may never.