To Tune Of: וכל קרני רשעים

Moshe told Gershon and Merari
What were their families’ duty:
Gershon carried the coverings of the Mishkan;
To carry the beams and pillars, Merari was the one.
Any impure people must leave the camp of Shechina,
Certain Tamei people  must leave the camp of Leviya,
A Metzora, from all three camps must run;
We must admit the sins we have done.
A Sotah – the bitter waters she must drink, and if guilty,
She dies – because she was unfaithful to her husband-  immediately.
To become a holy nazir, a person may swear;
They can’t eat grapes, grape products, wine, become impure or cut their hair.
At the end of their nezirus, they must bring a Chatas and Olah sacrifice,
Because, though they did something holy, for that to be our goal isn’t right.
We’re here to elevate and use worldly things, like Kiddush on wine;
To separate ourselves from worldly things always isn’t fine.

Hashem gives the command of Birchas Kohanim,
That all the Kohanim should give Brochos, with love, to Yidden.
We learn the donations the Nesi’im did bring
When the Mishkan was set up; what they brought, the Torah lists everything.