Tisha b’Av Poem by Minky Perlman

BH Years ago on this day Our home was torn and taken away. Our place was destroyed and burned to the ground and now we are exile-bound. I dream of a day when we will […]

I Light My Shabbos Candles by Yehudis Roesnthal

Sparkling bright It’s Friday night I light my Shabbos candles. I stand beside my mother While saying the bracha I light my Shabbos candles. Each light chases the dark Showing a Jewish spark I light […]

Princess by Emuna Naiditch

Cramped inside a box And then you were caught What pain you have suffered, princess You brought the ones you made You formed this crusade What courage you had, princess The news hit like a […]

Candle Lighting Acrostic Poem by Mushka Lieberman

Connect with Hashem Anything I’m doing, I stop to light Near Shabbos is when I light Daven for the sick Living with it throughout the week Entering Shabbos Leaving the week day for Shabbos Ignite […]

“I have a Talent” Poem & Song

“I have a Talent” Poem & Song by: Neshama Sari   I Neshama, am a musical girl, I can help others by showing their own talents as pretty as a pearl. I’m inspired by music […]