Pesach this year was definitely a different than any other we’ve experienced.

Due to the virus epidemic and its related restrictions, longtime family traditions and gatherings were disrupted for some, or recent plans and travels were cancelled for others. 

When we reunited online after Pesach, the girls of Bat Mitzvah & Beyond shared their memories, struggles, and special moments from the holiday.

We discussed how a song is composed of both low and high notes.  The variety creates depth and allows the lows or highs to bring out the other’s beauty; in fact, the low is what makes the high so much more uplifting.  Similarly, we all experience ‘lows’ in our life, like personal struggles, obstacles, disappointments or frustrations.

However, we can choose to use our low as an opportunity!  It can motivate us to grow, or boost our appreciation for something, or enable us to gain something new (like clarity, knowledge, or joy).  By this, we ultimately achieve a greater high!

When we harmonize the highs and lows of our life by finding purpose and connection in them, we express the song of our soul.  The ‘song of our soul’ is its mission-statement, so to speak, to discover Hashem in our unique life-situations and use them increase light in the world.  Amazingly, this great change all starts within us.  We are so inspired by our BMB girls, who did just this.

The reported the lows of their Pesach this year, and then they practiced transforming them into highs, by reframing them, taking positive lessons from them, or finding an opportunity in them.  As a result, this poem was born.

Read on, enjoy and be inspired!

What is a low in your life, and how can you transform it into a high?




Pesach this year is one that will go down in history, 

and the lows we faced at this time were at first a mystery.  


For each of the lows, to transform them 

into highs, we chose.  


Harmonizing lows and highs doesn’t take long, 

and that is how we composed this new JGU song!


Adira F.: Our Pesach trip was canceled, so our plans were changed a lot

but lots of bonding family time we instead got! 


Layla S.: I missed my favorite foods that we cook and bake

but loved my Pesach chocolate that didn’t taste fake!


Leah S.: I had to see my friends from a distance, and I fell asleep at Seder two

but you know, I love Pesach, I truly, truly do!


Rikl J.: Being locked in the house feels like jail

but when it’s all over, the happiness will prevail!


Yehudis S.: I couldn’t go to Las Vegas for Pesach, which really was a bore, 

but I now appreciate my family and friends only more!


Nechama L.: We missed our Pesach Retreat guests

but glad we could treat our family as our honored guests… 

We learned to get along and sing many new songs.


Tzipporah P.: The lonely separation from family made me want to shout

but when it’s up to me to inspire myself, I give my soul a workout!


Hannah K.: Even in the darkest of night, our souls shine golden and the light is bright!


Even when we’re in Exile, we sing for every low to become a high, 

Next year, together in Jerusalem, on eagles’ wings we’ll surely fly!