In some ways we are different, but in most ways we are the same,

Let’s look deeper than our appearance and our name.

We are all part of a whole,

each of us, with a unique soul.

We all have a special neshama from above,

Connected with Hashem’s pure love.

All of us pray united as one,

We also make sure to have some fun.

We care and share for each and every Jew,

Because we know that it’s the right thing to do.

We rejoice as one global, loving, family,

We feel another’s pain in times of calamity.

We all make sure to look out for one another,

We are all sisters and brothers, with Hashem as our father.

Join your Jewish sisters at Jewish Girls Unite,

Because each and every girl is a bright and shining light.

-A joined effort of JGU participants