Twinkling lights of the Chanukiah
Dancing their own private dance
Flickering, burning, jumping high
I stare at them in a trance
The freezing winds blow outside
But inside it’s cosy and warm
Delicious foods adorn the table
Latkes, doughnuts, popcorn
The dreidels spin merrily, bopping along
Might it land on a gimmel?
If it does, if it doesn’t, I’m glad anyway
I give thanks to Tatte in Himmel
But what really is it all for
The secret of Chanukkah dear?
Is that all there’s to it- presents and fun
With the miracles stuck in the rear?
Let’s not forget the great Chanukkah victory
With Hashem the one in the lead
Let’s shout “thank you!” and get to action
It all begins just with one deed
We can all be a Chanukkah hero
Yes, you and me, don’t you know?
Just say a kind word, bring light and joy
Smooth the bumps, let everything flow
Because when we try to emulate Hashem
Each in his or her way
Chanukkah will become brighter; even more than before
You can change someone’s life today