When I look at the dancing, flickering lights of the Shabbos candles- I feel peace. I  feel happy, calm, pure.

When I look at the Shabbos candles the feeling of Shabbos washes over me and glows inside of me. I feel as if a burden was lifted from my shoulders, as if the past week has dissolved into nothingness. I feel only the special aura of Shabbos.

The Shabbos queen is coming- we can’t disappoint her. Is the table set nicely and regally- fit for her? Only the best will do. I try hard to act nicely, speak calmly and not grouch or complain. Would you be rude of chutzpadik in the presence of the queen of England for example? All the more so we should act respectfully for the Shabbos queen!

My eyes turn back to the beautiful Shabbos candles.

“Good Shabbos,” I whisper, and hope that it will be one- a good Shabbos, a good week, a good year.