Years ago on this day
Our home was torn
and taken away.
Our place was destroyed
and burned to the ground
and now we are exile-bound.
I dream of a day
when we will be free,
and now I know kindness is the key.
We are tormented by others,
even our shadows ripped apart,
and now we are left
with only a broken heart.
The people hate us
and wish us death
and from ‏השם  this is our test
A test of faith that we will succeed;
משיח will come
and we will no longer bleed.
When משיח comes
there will be peace at last;
it is then we will have complicated our test.
משיח will come, it is guaranteed;
to help it come,
just do a good deed
Spread a little love,
shed a little light,
and I promise soon one day
the world will be just right.