Leia Resnick


Friendship Quiz

By Goldy Rosenfeld You are invited to a big Birthday Party Bash. You. . . a) Decide to go alone b) Gather a group of besties to go together c) Ask a girl you wouldn’t […]

Tomorrow – sung by Rivka Feldman


Poem by Goldy Rosenfeld

I softly run my fingers along the wall. I let my eyes settle On the lightly faded brown footprints. I remember. When I was young, I would kick my small feet on the wall, Wondering […]

Chanukah in Stonemount Square

by Fraida Feldman Hersh and Levi ran a shul for young adults. It was neither big, nor small. They ran programs at various universities throughout the city for Jewish students. They also hosted shiurim throughout […]

Parshat Vayishlach

By Tonya Shmukler Esav was ready to kill his brother Yaakov after Yaakov received the birthright and blessings. Yaakov ran away to Charan and lived there for 20 years in hiding. Now Yaakov was ready […]

Parshas Vayeira – by Tonya Schmukler

Jumping into the blazing fire, one of Avraham’s ten tests from G-d, caused a great commotion from the people who watched in amazement. Many eyes were upon him, marveling at his greatness and devotion to […]