by Nechama Laber

Dear Friends,

I hope you had a joyous Purim!

At the First Jewish Girls Unite Anniversary Celebration on March 15, 2016, I spoke about how Queen Esther inspires us today.

Queen Esther, orphaned at a young age, taught our people in times of challenge that it was only by reconnecting to Hashem, our father in Heaven that we would be saved. Her hardships did not change her, she found favor in the eyes of all people because of her positivity. From the palace of Achashverosh, she kindled the Shabbat candles and lit up the world. She taught us that through uniting as ONE people and strengthening our connection to our father in Heaven, we bring salvation for our people. As we read in the scroll of Esther (8:15), “For the Jews there was light, joy, happiness and splendor.”

Today, we can unite our people in ways that were not possible years ago. The Lubavitcher Rebbe would strongly encourage the use of modern technology to unite mankind to study and resolve to do good deeds. One might think, “What can I, a single person, accomplish sitting in one corner of the world made up of billions of people?” The Rebbe answered, “We see from modern communication how one person lighting a candle in one corner of the world can illuminate the entire world!”

At Jewish Girls Unite, we are using modern technology to connect a global community of girls of all ages, all backgrounds and all places through virtual celebrations, weekly online classes for women and girls, moderated forums to share ideas, blogs to express creativity, exciting contests and Winter and Summer Retreats.

Our Jewish girls are empowered to dream, to pray, to connect, to lead and as we say, “SHINE YOUR INNER LIGHT,” just like Queen Esther!!!

P.S. Queen Esther asked to record the story in the scroll of Esther. Today, we are still reading and applying Esther’s story to our lives. JGU is a place to record YOUR story and lessons for Jewish girls of all times. Thank you for sharing!

Esther inspires me to unite women and girls. How does she inspire you?
Please share!