by Racheli Dubov

This is my yearbook poem for my 12th grade yearbook. It’s about how I’ve been learning so much until now, and now it’s time for me to become independent and give to others. This is of course not a introduction to always being able to give and help people.

An Unbroken Chain of Kindness

I stand aside and watch my small flame,
I watch it shine aglow.
Looks so powerful, yet pure,
It just warms up my bones.

A majestic flame like a little princess;
So innocent and beautiful.
Walks with dignity and grace,
Every step of hers so thoughtful.

This candle a fresh seed,
Learning and growing each day.
Taking lessons from those near,
Till they’re hard as clay.

Although I’m now on my own,
I still walk with warmth and pride.
My candle now ready to give,
To create, inspire and share life.

Moshiach Now!!