Chaya, the bride with her Mother and Bubby

I am overflowing with hopes, wishes and prayers for your future.

To my dear daughter, Chaya,

Tonight, my heart is filled with gratitude to Hashem for having brought us to this special occasion.

Chaya, when you were born, I was blessed to become a mother. I will never forget the first time I heard you say, “Mama.” I remember lighting three candles after you were born because every child brings a new light into the world. Today, we thank you for being a source of light and joy in our lives and the lives of so many others.

Chaya, after I gave birth to your sister Chana, you enthusiastically waved goodbye to stay with Bubby Katzenberg for a few days, while I recuperated. At that time, two children was more then I could handle. At 18 months old, Bubby and Zaidy were amazed that you would hold food by your mouth until someone would say the blessing with you. When Bubby prepared the salad, you took the lettuce and held it up to the light to check it for bugs. Bubby was so proud of her smart granddaughter.

Chaya, you are a caring oldest sister of our family! You grew up fast when you became the big sister of four siblings under you – upon the birth of your twin sisters, Shaina and Raizel. And you were only 5 years old! Thank you for always sharing your love and wisdom with your siblings.

Chaya, you have helped out so much in our community work. Since you were just a little girl of two years old, you sang for seniors, baked challah and dozens of hamantaschen. You also helped out at our Bat Mitzvah Club and Camp.

I am overflowing with hopes, wishes and prayers for your future. So much so, that I feel that I can not possibly convey what is in my heart and mind, not without help from our family and friends who join us in celebrating Chaya becoming a Jewish woman.


Friends, these were the words that I shared with Chaya at her Bat Mitzvah Celebration several years ago. Fast forward and today we are B”H celebrating the engagement of Chaya to Mendy Shepherd.

Chaya, so much has happened since your Bat Mitzvah, you have blossomed into a beautiful Jewish women and you are now ready for this next milestone. [I’m not sure if I am ready…] I bless you and Mendy to build an everlasting home on the foundations of Torah and mitzvot with love and joy!

Mazal Tov! May we always celebrate Simchos in the JGU family. May all of our Jewish daughters find wonderful Jewish boys to marry in the right time!

With love and blessings,
Shabbat Shalom!

Nechama Dina Laber
JGU Global Director

P.S. Save the date! The wedding is June 15, 2016 in Brooklyn, NY

P.P.S. Early bird registration is extended for another week. Register today for the JewishGirlsRetreat.net