by Goldy Rosenfeld

So I was bored one day and started writing. It turned out to be fun, and an interesting story. This was quite a while ago, so the writing is not A+, if ya know what I mean. :) BTW, it may take a while for me to submit parts of it. So here is the first bit.

Chapter 1:

Allison was so excited. She had landed her first babysitting job! Well, not exactly. Her mother and father had to attend an event held by her mother’s future boss, so Allison was taking care of her little sister. Still, Allison thought it was sitting for a young child, so it was accurate to call it babysitting.

“Okay, you’re good with Lilly?” Her mother pursed her lips. They were bright red. Allison’s mother rarely wore makeup, but she wanted to make a good impression on her future boss. “Food, bath, pajamas, book and bed.” She ticked off all the things Allison was to do on her fingers. Her long manicured nails were bright red, too.

“OKAY?” Her mother was very unsecure about leaving five year old Lily with Allison. She cocked her head and stared into Allison’s eyes with a stony glare.

“Yes, Ima.” Her intense look was making Allison antsy. “I will be extra careful. Promise.”

Abba appeared at the doorway, looking crisp and clean. “C’mon. We’re going to be late!” He grabbed the house keys, and he was in such a hurry he didn’t even seem to notice his shirttail hanging halfway un-tucked, and his tie loose. Ima pointed this out, and Abba rushed to a mirror. He laughed when he saw his reflection. Allison realized she had been holding her breath, and the laughing seemed to lighten the mood.

Ima stared at Allison. “Oh, don’t worry. They’ll be fine!” Abba said, trying to reassure his wife. Allison sensed a hint of shakiness to his voice too, though.

“Bye Mommy!” Lilly called as the car pulled out of the driveway and continued down the street. An arm flew out the window, and Allison got a glimpse of her mother waving goodbye.

As soon as the glare of taillights was out of sight, Lily turned to Allison and demanded, “Tea party. Now.” She stamped her foot emphatically.

“No, Lils.” Allison decided to take control. “First, we eat dinner.”

Lily pushed out her lower lip. “Fine.” She pouted.

After scrounging through the fridge, Allison found a pan of meatballs, which Ima prepared in advance.

“Yucky!” Lily shrieked. “I. Want. Ice. Cream!” Allison tried to keep Lilly calm, but that just made it worse. “I’m NOT a baby!” She stormed to her room.

Allison suddenly brightened. She had an idea. Lilly came back five minutes later. “Your soup is ready.” Allison grinned.

“Soup?” Lilly was intrigued. She slid into her seat and a big bowl of instant noodle soup was placed in front of her. Lilly slurped down every last noodle.

After a bath was filled with warm water, Lilly hopped in, holding Barbie dolls and rubber ducks. “Quack! Quack, quack!” she said, squeezing her duck. She squealed in delight. After letting her Barbie dolls “swim” around for a few minutes, Allison washed her hair. After her shower, she flopped onto her bed.

“Pajama time!” Allison exclaimed. She played peak-a-boo with Lilly’s shirt hole, tickled her pants up her feet, and yanked socks up her tiny toes. After a pillow fight, and five story books, Allison heard her sister’s deep, even breaths. She stopped reading and waited. Lilly’s chest moved up and down with every breath. Allison sighed thankfully and pulled the blanket up to Lilly’s chin. She gently kissed her warm cheeks and slid off the bed.