By Chany Rosenberg

People are always finding hidden concepts in Disney and Pixar movies. What if I told you I had one you’ve probably never seen before? Many Disney characters have characteristics that connect to​ Tanach. I​f you go back to the traditional Disney princesses, you will see how their characteristics exemplify qualities revered in Judaism. You see the connection with Disney animals too. And, believe it or not, you also see the connection with some new 2015 characters. Disney characters are very much connected to the T​orah.

We all remember Disney princesses such as Cinderella, Ariel, and Belle; and, we certainly all know Anna from the worldwide obsession, Frozen. Cinderella’s main character trait that she’s known for is kindness. She’s especially kind to animals. We know there is a p​asuk that says that G­-d has mercy on all His creations. Not only that, we also have a concept in Judaism of not causing unnecessary pain to animals. We’ve seen incidents where people in
Tanach w​ere kind to animals. One person is Rivkah, who gave the camels water to drink when Eliezer came to her town. Another person is Noach, who fed the animals before himself. So we can clearly see Cinderella’s character trait, kindness, is in the T​orah.

N​ext we have Princess Ariel. Ariel is known for her constant positivity. It says in P​erkei Avos ​that we must greet people with a smile. Also, in P​erkei Avos, ​it says, “Who is rich? Someone who is happy with what he has.” Then we have N​achum Ish Gam Zu​who always said, “This too is for the good.” Ariel’s character trait of positivity is connected to Judaism.

Next, there is Belle. The character trait she’s known for is patience. She took care of the beast even when it was very difficult. H​illel​ was known for his patience. One day, on e​rev Shabbos, A​man came up to him and began to ask him many silly questions with the intent of making him lose his cool. But H​illel​ stayed calm and answered all of his questions. Last but certainly not least, there’s Anna. Anna never gives up and has a strong will. A​vroham h​ad a very strong will when he was going to do A​keidas Yitzchok. T​he Satan t​ried to stop him, but he overcame everything because of his strong will to do G­-d’s command. Another person with a strong will was Nachson ben Amidanadav. He walked into the Yam Suf a​nd kept walking until it came up to his head, that’s when the sea split. He had a strong will. G­-d told them to walk forward into the sea, so that’s what he did. So, that is where Anna’s character traits come from. All the character traits of the Disney princesses come from the Torah.​