Parshat Behar-Bechukotai: Patterns of Fear

BS”D This parsha post is dedicated  as a zechus for a refuah sheleima for Baruch Shmuel ben Chana, and l’ilui nishmas Dovid Tzvi Hersch ben Rochel. This week’s double-portion of Behar-Bechukotai is a lengthy one.  […]

Parshat Terumah: For the Love of G-d

BS”D I dedicate this parsha post l’ilui nishmas all those who were murdered in the attack on the Douglas High School in Florida, and as a zechus for salvation, healing, strength and comfort for their […]

Parshas Mishpotim Song

BS”D TTO: אזמר בשבחין ****************************************** Parshas Mishpotim talks about being a mentch and how to deal with others too; We can do Mitzvos in everything we do, Bechol D’rachecho Do’eihu.  A Jewish slave stops working after […]

Parshat Vayeira: Giving Room to Run… and Grow

BS”D Good Shabbos to everyone! I dedicate these divrei Torah as a zechus for a blessed and speedy Refuah Sheleima for Rochel bas Daniella Dshoar. *************************************** In the closing of last week’s parsha of Lech […]

Elul Poem by Chaya Mushka Kievman

BS”D There was once a king who was getting old. “I am giving you a test”, the king to his son told. “If you overcome it,  all my money you will own, You will also […]

Parshas Shoftim Song

BS”D Tune: יפרח בימיו צדיק Appoint judges in every city indeed, Also appoint policemen in speed, We also need to guard our neshama, do what is right, Protect our eyes from seeing anything that isn’t spiritually bright, […]

Shabbos Light by Dalia Paluch

BH Shabbos is such a special gift Jews have. It gives you a chance to do mitzvot. There is more to Shabbos than keeping it. It’s the special thought of your being proud of yourself […]

Parshat Shemini: It Ain’t Super-FISH-ial

BH Good Shabbos everyone! This week’s parsha-post is dedicated as an ilui neshama for Rabbi Yehoshua Gordon, whose legacy of teaching and love, for Torah and people, is eternal. —————————————  Today, while watching Rabbi Yehoshua […]