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Parshas Yisro Song
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Parshas Mishpotim Song



TTO: אזמר בשבחין


Parshas Mishpotim talks about being a mentch and how to deal with others too;

We can do Mitzvos in everything we do,

Bechol D’rachecho Do’eihu. 

A Jewish slave stops working after 6 years,

If he wants to work for longer- you must pierce his ear.

A judge must judge fair,

And we must be kind to a ger,

We mustn’t lie

Or hit someone so strongly that it makes them die.

We mustn’t curse a parent or hurt them very strong

The Torah considers it very wrong.

The Parsha has more Mitzvos to it,

All of them we should observe and do it.

Without laws dealing with others it wouldn’t be the same-

From Har Sinai it all came!

Tzipporah Prottas
Tzipporah Prottas
BS"D Shalom friends! My name is Tzipporah Prottas (with Raizel for a middle name), and I am the oldest of 3 children. My family and I have come on a special journey in terms of Torah and mitzvah observance, and I am still traversing the great path; still learning, still growing, still asking questions. I am a passionate learner, getting a taste of whatever I can. My pen is my sword, as an eager writer, and I am noted as a voracious reader. Born and bred in Connecticut state, I love nature, and enjoy exploring and capturing Hashem's incredible world with my camera. 14 years of age now, going on 15, I am currently homeschooling, and am actively involved with JGU. I love my JGU family, and with them I have grown so much. One thing you may like to know about me: I like to think big: I look towards the future, search for the possibilities, and pray for us all to realize our great potential as Bnot Yisrael!

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