TTO: אנא עבדא


I am Hashem, Anochi,

 From Mitzrayim I set you free.

 Lo Yihyeh, other gods you shouldn’t have, serve or make,

 Even if life is at stake.

Lo Sisa, you shouldn’t say Hashem’s Name,

Without a reason, in vain.

 Zachor es Yom HaShabbos,

Melacha on that day is forbidden for all of us,

‘Coz in six days Hashem made the world and then did rest,

 Shabbos He made holy and did bless.

Honor your parents, the Torah commands,

So that your days will be lengthened on this land.

Don’t kill, being a murderer,

Also, don’t be an adulterer,

Marrying someone’s wife is a sin,

Only get married according to Din.

Kidnapping anyone isn’t allowed,

It doesn’t matter if it’s an adult or child.

 Don’t be a false witness, saying what you haven’t seen,

 Only testify what you know there has been.

 Don’t be jealous, that’s the Torah Law,

Enjoy your lot and not want other’s things more.

These are the Aseres Hadibros Hashem gave to every Jew,

They are what brings us closer to Hashem, the life of me and you