Tune: יפרח בימיו צדיק

Appoint judges in every city indeed,
Also appoint policemen in speed,
We also need to guard our neshama, do what is right,
Protect our eyes from seeing anything that isn’t spiritually bright,
The Judges of the Sanhedrin, you must obey,
Don’t serve idols, anytime, any day,
If someone tries to convince you in any way,
Just refuse and say, “ No Way!”
A Jewish king, From David,  do appoint,
With the shemen hamishcha , him, you must anoint,
A Jewish king, a big privilege he got,
He must serve Hashem a lot.
To have less than 18 wives, he was told,
He shouldn’t have too much silver and gold,
He mustn’t have too many horses indeed,
He must have 2 Sifrei  Torah keep and read,
We mustn’t practice Kishuf, that’s a sin,
Not to be superstitious is the din.
We are holy people, servants to Hashem,
We must observe the Mitzvos and keep them,
When we went to war,
There was a Mishuach Milchama for sure,
He gave soldiers encouragement, saying to them,
“You’re fighting for Hashem”,
“ If you follow the din”,
“You’ll truly win”.