There was once a king who was getting old.
“I am giving you a test”, the king to his son told.
“If you overcome it,  all my money you will own,
You will also become the heir of the throne”.
The prince was sent to a remote prison- a criminal domain so full of violence and stench,
His job was that despite everything for a year he should stay dignified and a mentch,
In this prison the people were violent and gruff,
His mission every day was getting more tough.
He soon became so influenced by them that he started to learn their way,
He was losing more of his dignity everyday.
Suddenly after 11 months he got a letter from the king,
Who inquired how he was going.
The prince then recalled his mission and in that month he repented and improved what he had done.
He became the dignified prince just as he had been one.
Hashem has entrusted us with a mission of bringing the Geula by keeping and learning the Torah every day.
Yet there are so many distractions and influences when we look almost every way.
Throughout the year we can get lost or influenced and sometimes spiritually fall,
Hashem our King through the Shofar in Elul gives us a wake up call.
It reminds us of our mission and what we’re supposed to do,
It reminds to do Teshuva so we can bring Moshiach Tzidkenu.
Lets listen to the call of the shofar and Mitzvos let’s do,
May we then merit a sweet new year and the coming of Moshiach Tzidkenu