Vayakhel Sicha Summary: How to “Bring Heaven Down to Earth” in Five Minutes

BS”D Preliminary note: This overview on Vayakhel through the deeper dimension is preceded by that on Terumah and followed by the one on Pekudei, which all link together with a running theme and action plan for […]

Parshas Vayakhel Song

BS”D Tune: Yifrach Beyomov ****************************************************** The Mishkan’s materials, the Jews did bring; They came fast, they brought everything. The Nesi’im decided to wait, They didn’t show any haste; Because they came late Only left was […]

Parshas Ki Sisa Song

BS”D Tune: אימתי קאתי מר **************************************** Even when we want to know the amount Of Jews, we don’t count A half a Shekel coin we use That’s for the sockets so the walls won’t be […]

Parshas Tetzaveh Song

BS”D Tune: אנעים זמירות ************************************************* Oil, take for Menorah's lights, Only the purest used to make them burn bright; The lamps would be kindled by the Kohen, Until from the lamp rose a flame. Only […]

Parshas Teruma Song

BS”D Tune: מי לי *************************************************** Chorus Make for me a Mishkan, ועשו לי מקדשAnd I shall dwell in them, ושכנתי בתוכם Chorus In the Holy of Holies, Kodesh Hakodashim, Was the golden aron with the […]

Parshat Terumah: For the Love of G-d

BS”D I dedicate this parsha post l’ilui nishmas all those who were murdered in the attack on the Douglas High School in Florida, and as a zechus for salvation, healing, strength and comfort for their […]