A Torah View on “Self-Sacrifice” Today: What is Your Lamb?

BS”D Based on a Sicha (Talk) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe ******************* Parshas Bo conveys the Mitzvah of the Korban Pesach (Paschal offering), a lamb to be taken on Nissan 10, guarded for four days in […]

Lentil Soup For Parshas Toldos

In this week’s Parsha- Toldos. We read about, when Esav came home tired and very hungry, and he saw that Yaakov was cooking a lentil soup and he said: “Give me to eat!” He wanted […]

In The Desert and Loving It!

Bamidbar Numbers 1:1–4:20 Have you ever heard a friend say, “I am in the desert right now?” Have you ever used those words? Are you going through a desert right now? Well, you just might […]

Parshat Yisro: What’s in a Name?

BH Hello everyone, and good (erev) Shabbos! This week’s Parsha is named after Yisro, “kohain Midyan, chosein Moshe – priest of Midyan, father-in-law of Moses”, as he is described in the beginning of the parsha. […]

Parshat Shemot: “I Will Surely Remember..”

BH Shalom Wonderful Readers! Welcome to my first parsha post! This Shabbos, the parsha is Shemot, also the beginning of sefer Shemot.  We all remember the powerful “Chazak, Chazak, V’Nitchazeik!” we cried out last week, after finishing […]

Lily’s Bat Mitzvah Speech – Going Beyond!

In the beautiful photo above, Lily celebrates her Bat Mitzvah with her JGU Sisters! In Parsha Vayeitze, we learn about our Foremothers Rochel and Leah, two sisters who go beyond what is expected of them to turn […]

Parshas Vayeira – by Tonya Schmukler

Jumping into the blazing fire, one of Avraham’s ten tests from G-d, caused a great commotion from the people who watched in amazement. Many eyes were upon him, marveling at his greatness and devotion to […]

Parshah Poem Kedoshim

by: Chanie Gourarie Long ago lived a sage of great fame, Hillel the elder, was his name, Once a man tried to put him to the test, The entire Torah on one foot, was his […]

Parashas Mikeitz Shabbos Chanukah

Parashas Mikeitz starts off with Paroh’s dream and the inability of his wise men to interpret it. The butler suddenly remembers Yosef HaTzaddik from prison; Yosef is called and prepared for an audience with the […]