Purim Anime Art by Neshama Sari

BS”D A poignant scene from the Megillah, depicted in stunning anime by Neshama Sari of Oregon. The arrogant, anti-Semitic prime minister Haman is forced to escort Mordechai, sage and leader of the Jews, through a […]

Chanukah Artwork by Yaffah Ferber

BS”D A detailed and intimate sketch of Menorah lighting by Yaffah Ferber, age 14, of Norwich, CT!

“Next Exit Moshiach” – Art by Neshama R. Sari

This is a painting I did of a long road leading to Yerushalayim with the  Beis Hamikdash on the horizon, and along side of the road an exit-sign, saying, “Next Exit Moshiach.”  I worked very hard […]

Creative Online Clubs- a lesson in Pointillism

B”H BY: Neshama Sari BY: Chaya Ita Coates PAINTING THE SONG OF CREATION third day of creation Hashem created the grass and trees the third day of the week corresponds to Tiferes- harmony is yellow […]


BY: NESHAMA SARI Chanukah Art Workshop CHANUKAH   According to the Ramak- Rav Moshe Cordoevero each sefira; spiritual attribute is represented by a different color: (Aryeh Kaplan) keser-crown-will/pleasure-blinding invisible bright light chochma-wisdom-color that includes all […]

The Blessings Return — A Painting, By Me

BS”D Last year, while learning, having fun, and making masterpieces with JGU Art Head Ahuvah Coates in Creative Online Club, we not only were instructed in new artistic techniques, but also delved into the meaning […]
Creative Online Clubs- “Unity Art Piece or Peace”
Uniting the Opposites Through Art, Written by Ahuvah Coates, Creative Online Art Coach “We united, two pictures, one of positive space and negative space, through using similar colors, and unity quotes, for this time of […]

Painting of Jewish Women with Their Timbrels by Yaffah Ferber

BH Yaffah Ferber, age 13, from Norwich CT, had a wonderful time shining her inner light of creativity in this vibrant painting. The beautiful blends, artistic figures, and intricate flowers, are all brought together in […]

Transformation…to Tambourines

by: Ahuvah Coates & Chaya Ita Coates CREATIVE ONLINE CLUBS! Transform Plates in2 Tambourines Creative Online Clubs: Pre-Pesach fun, ushering in Pesach with a joyful, positive, and upbeat message Take a paper plate, or plastic […]

Ocean and Desert

I live near the California Channel Islands. They are 8 beautiful islands, five of which make of Channel Islands National Park. From Channel Islands Harbor and Ventura Harbor, there are cruises that go out to […]

One More Light JGU photos!


Circles for Unity

This month’s theme was how circles illustrate unity. Since I love photography, I planned to take photos of circles in nature. The closer I looked, the more I realized that what I thought were circles […]