A poignant scene from the Megillah, depicted in stunning anime by Neshama Sari of Oregon.

The arrogant, anti-Semitic prime minister Haman is forced to escort Mordechai, sage and leader of the Jews, through a procession in his honor according to King Achashverosh’s command: “This shall be done for the man whom the king wishes to honor,” repaying a lifesaving favor Mordechai performed on his behalf.  Jewish salvation starts to unfold, guided by G-d’s hidden hand; miracles are beginning to manifest; the wheel of fortune proceeds to turn with the downfall of our enemy Haman soon at hand.

Thoughts from the artist:

This scene has been very interesting to me.  When Haman declares that this is the man [Mordechai] that the King honors, Haman doesn’t realize he isn’t just saying the king Achashverosh is honoring him, but also Hashem!  I wanted to capture this scene, so here it is!

Another thought is from Psalms 110, “I will make your enemies your footstool.”  The seems to convey this, in a way; Haman is Mordechai’s footstool!