Tune: אנעים זמירות


Oil, take for Menorah's lights,
Only the purest used to make them burn bright;
The lamps would be kindled by the Kohen,
Until from the lamp rose a flame.

Only the first squeezes from sight
We use, the rest isn’t right.
The Menorah's lights would burn from evening,
Until the next morning.

Kesones, the white tunic to wear,
Migbaas, a hat on the Kohen’s hair,
The Avneit was the Kohen's sash,
The Michnasayim, the Kohen’s pants.

The Me’il in the color of blue,
With pomegranates and bells too;
The Tzitz had Hashem’s name,
The Choshen, the breastplate,

The Aifod, an apron wore backward,
Mitznefes, a hat the Kohen Gadol wore,
For the honor and beauty of the Kohanim, special clothes they wore,
Because Hashem they worked for.