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Model of Majesty: Women Getting It Done

BS”D Based on a Sicha of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, provided by the JEM (Jewish Educational Media) initiative, Foundations in Focus. ******** How can one become a Queen Esther today?  Don’t sit passively and rely on […]

“By the Order of Whom?” – The Eternal Inner Compass of the Jewess

BS”D Based on a Sicha (Talk) of the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory. ***** A note from the author:  Today, on the 27th of Adar I, 5752 (Monday, March 2, 1992), […]

JGU Girls Online Speak: A Sarah Kind-of-Day & Favorite Jewish Women

BS”D From our Thursday night girls’ workshop, Weaving the Web – Tapestries of Inspiring Jewish Women, October 10, 2018/Cheshvan 10, 5779 ******************************* Nechama Laber:  Are you having a Sarah kind of day? What do you […]

Sarah’s Candles – a Poem by Bina Meyers

Davening silently, her hands covering her eyes That she should be blessed with a son, she cries Her Shabbos candles so magnificent One of the miracles in her tent The Challos’ smell, so fresh and […]


SONG: DEEP IN THE GROUND T.T.O. Hu Yiftach Libeinu Lyrics composed by Racheli Jacks Sung by Chaviva Tarlow Studio Recording Sponsored by the Seymour Fox Foundation Deep in the ground Yet to be found A […]

Painting of Jewish Women with Their Timbrels by Yaffah Ferber

BH Yaffah Ferber, age 13, from Norwich CT, had a wonderful time shining her inner light of creativity in this vibrant painting. The beautiful blends, artistic figures, and intricate flowers, are all brought together in […]