One indication that the days of Moshiach are imminent is the rapid progression of modern technology, and its mainstreaming elevation to spread the light of Yiddishkeit, goodness, and holiness in our turbulent, fractured world.  

Rarely has this been more clearly witnessed than at the recent Interschool Geulah Gathering and Virtual Broadcast, proudly hosted by Jewish Girls Unite on April 1/Adar II 25.  This event (part of the Children’s Geulah Gathering initiative to unite 22,000 children) to served to connect over four hundred girls from seven schools spanning five different countries, including England, Israel, France, Canada, and America from Coast to Coast. However, all had one heart, in one celebration, and were on one shared mission: to usher in our Ultimate Redemption with faith and joy!

The gathering opened with a warm welcome by JGU Global Director Mrs. Nechama Laber, who continued with a few inspiring words about Miriam the Prophetess and the proactivity of the Jewish women in Egypt to make a positive difference in their adverse situation.  In their merit, our people were redeemed from Egyptian Exile, and they are our role models today as we galvanize one another to take those final steps to bring Geulah HaSheleima.

We then discussed what implements our “Geulah Toolbox” is comprised of, including:

  1. Our unity, for when we are joined and complete we become a vessel for light and miracles to be effectuated, such as when we unite around the world to learn, grow and celebrate together.  What a Neis – Miracle!
  2. Elevating the world by using it for a holy purpose, to express G-dliness and make the world a better place, for example how we used high technology to virtually connect!  
  3. The power of Prayer; we must ask Hashem for Moshiach every day!

This last point was immediately followed by selected chapters of Tehillim, hundreds of voices uplifted in unison, word by word, with an extra merit for peace and security in Israel (eternally established with Moshiach’s arrival), as well as for the strength we need to overcome our trials and discover Geulah on a personal level.

Nechama Laber relayed the true and miraculous story, of the origins of the anthem “Ani Maamin.”  Born out of a cattle-car on Nazi railways, its passengers destined for sure death, the melody was composed by R’ Azriel Dovid Fastag, lyricizing the Rambam’s principle of Jewish faith, of our staunch belief in the coming of Moshiach no matter how long it seems we must wait.  Thus, it has become our song of perseverance in the darkest times of our nationhood; no matter how desperate a situation is, our faith sustains us. “The additional point,” Nechama concluded, “is the faith of the Jewish women in Mitzrayim…in that merit we were redeemed…  Likewise in our merit, and the faith we have to remain strong despite the challenges will bring our Geulah from this Golus.  We too have suffered, all over the world, but there is going to be an end to this because of our faith… Jewish women…never stopped singing, and held onto their tambourines; their song kept them going, and it is OUR song that keeps us going into the Ultimate Geulah.

Chanale Fellig-Harrel, a talented singer and songwriter now living in Israel, accompanied by her daughter Hadassah in duet, performed a rousing rendition of “Ani Maamin” for the gathering.  This was followed by a lively original composition entitled “Vaitikach Miriam Hanavia.” In the Torah’s timeless verses, the song describes the women’s response, following Miriam’s lead, of joyously praising G-d in wake of the Revelation at the Sea, getting the ladies of our present celebration up and moving!

As the music finished with hearty applause for the mother-daughter duet, we welcomed Mrs. Rivka Malka Perlman,Transformation-Coach and initiator of the Geulah Gatherings (the first of which hosted over 24,000 women worldwide on February 26!), to motivate our girls with a call to action.  She underscored how, for so many ages, we were asked to serve Hashem through bitter tears and through our suffering, but “now, we’re here on this absolutely gorgeous day… coming together and we’re not crying out…  We’re a bunch of holy girls…and we are singing to Hashem, and celebrating with Hashem.” We felt His loving care for us throughout our painful Exile, but we also know we’ve been born into Geulah times, and are part of that era!  Rivka Malka then posed her question: “How do we partner up with Hashem to bring Geulah?”

Our most effective tool is to love one another, she answered, proceeding to share a creative technique: Visualize a negative thought we experience about another person, or our pain and resentment stemming from it, as the darkness preceding a surprise party.  We have the power to switch on the light in our mind, and – surprise! We become Miriam Hanevia in our ability to transform our thoughts about that person, and instead flooding that space with positive energy which we can channel towards them, making it a celebration of loving another and seeing their inner good; and additionally, we too begin to feel special.  We recognize the shared holiness of all our souls that empowers us! “This is how you’re building your muscles to lead the whole of the Jewish people,” Rivka Malka enthused.  Every time we choose a good thought over a bad one – light over darkness! – we generate a Malach that similarly advocates for the Jewish People before G-d to see only the good in us, despite others’ prosecution and are bringing Redemption so much nearer.  “Who knew,” our guest-speaker concluded, “that we would get so lucky to have you gorgeous girls gather together on this day?  You can’t imagine the big surprise party in Shamayim that’s going on right now! Well done!”

As the touching program neared its end, a recently-produced song by Esther Chanowitz and her team, called “Got Tambourines” was played, storming the classrooms around the world.  Receiving a glimpse into our past, having discussed Miriam and our forbears at length during the program, made the scene unfolding before us all the more remarkable: History repeated itself, as women and girls, visible via web-camera functions, broke out into inspired dance and holy serenade, tambourines in hand and radiating sincerity, faith, and fire.  The atmosphere was charged, and the Oneness palpable.
Let us ensure that this wondrous event was not in vain.  Perpetuate the celebration; fortify the unity, faith, joy,, and strength we experienced; exponentially increase it and rock the world for Redemption!  Jewish women, it’s in our hands to actualize this era, just as it was in the days before G-d took us out of Egypt. “How can you be a Miriam today?” challenged Nechama.  We can sing more, daven with greater devotion, share our love with others, transform our negative thoughts to positivity, resolve to take on another Mitzvah or stretch ourselves in an area with which we are already familiar.  Whatever we can, we must do it, and bring the Geulah! Find a way to cement that inspiration, commit to positive action that will affect our world, preparing it for the ultimate Revelation of G-dliness as well as eternal peace and harmony, with the coming of Moshiach; may it be now!

Watch the playback from the Geulah Gathering on YouTube, here!

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