Davening silently, her hands covering her eyes
That she should be blessed with a son, she cries
Her Shabbos candles so magnificent
One of the miracles in her tent

The Challos’ smell, so fresh and inviting
One day to the next, so tantalizing
Lasting all week, perfectly warm
Another miracle in her abode

The Sh’chinah resting, a presence so royal
In the ways of Tzni’us she does toil
Always there, because of her merit
When Rivka came this was brought back

I am lighting my very own candle
Just like my mother and Sarah Imeinu
My little candle, flickering in the window
One more light for all to see

Kneading the dough, my shoulders sore,
I take a piece of Challah and burn it to the core
“L’hafrish Challah,” l practically sing
Fulfilling the mitzvah, and fresh Challos just like Sarah

Taharas HaMishpacha she does keep
That soon many rewards she’ll reap
Raising a family quite large
She’s accustomed to stares and questions, too
But this is the biggest reward

Sarah Imeinu, so special, our mother
Can’t you see we’re sister and brother?
Her ways I try to ingrain in my life
I do what I can, to bring more light

It’s time; I have come to the end
But please, make an effort, do what you can
Try to be like Sarah our matriarch
Lighting a flame, igniting a spark

— Bina Meyers
Bais Chaya Mushka
Los Angeles, California, USA