From our Thursday night girls’ workshop, Weaving the Web – Tapestries of Inspiring Jewish Women, October 10, 2018/Cheshvan 10, 5779


Nechama Laber:  Are you having a Sarah kind of day? What do you think a Sarah kind of day looks like?

Tzipporah: A day of Shlichus, impacting the world by spreading light; a day of reflecting what Hashem wants of you, and making a Dira Betachtonim for Him; a day of inspiring people to love and connect with Hashem more deeply.

Temima Rocklin: I guess that maybe a Sarah kind of day is when good things happen and bad things happen but you try to overcome the bad and remember the good and you learn from it for the future.

Chaya Gurevitz: A Sarah day is a day when you light up yourself and other people.


Nechama Laber:  Who is your favorite Jewish woman, and why?

Rachael Tahir: My favorite Jewish woman is Rachel Imeinu. The reason is that she didn’t let her father’s religion stop her from being a pious Jewish woman.

Tzipporah: I connect deeply with Leah Imeinu, I guess, because of her personality and soul mission. She represents the Baal Teshuvah, when one touches and battles the world’s negativity and evil, always trying to transcend, to connect more deeply to Hashem. But Leah’s hallmark was also to impact, to passionately go out to spread holiness (like when she went out to meet Yaakov, explaining they would spend the night together; she was eager to build Bnei Yisroel), and this was reflected in her daughter Dina, who inspired others as a shlucha, and could effect great Kiddushei Hashem through her passion and sensitivity. Leah’s life mission is to bring more light to overwhelm the darkness and to forge a deeper bond with Hashem

Malkie Peiser: My favorite Jewish woman is Queen Esther because she faced many challenges in life, when she had to turn those negatives into positives, by saving the Jews from destruction – the heroine of the Purim story.  Purim is my favorite holiday.

Temima Rocklin: Devorah is my favorite Jewish woman because she was a leader and a judge.  She helped and took care of the Jews, and she was like a mother to the Jewish people.

Chaya Gurevitz: Miriam, because she cared about people, and was very responsible.

Rebecca Weinberg: Rachel, because she was selfless and sweet.

Yaffah: Yehudit – she’s so cool!


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