How can one become a Queen Esther today?  Don’t sit passively and rely on men to conquer the world and ensure the vitality of our future.  Get involved, because the fulfillment of the vision and wellbeing of our entire people depends upon you, the Jewish woman; the future is in your hands! 

Certainly, Hashem could’ve nullified Haman’s death-sentence on national Jewry in some way through Mordechai.  He was a leader and sage who also held a close position to the king Achashveirosh, but the miracle was rather effectuated through Esther, according to Mordechai’s strategy-plan and direction.  This very composition of the Megillah, canonized in the Written Torah which is applicable to and studied by all, even women, verifies how it must happen this way:  Jewish daughters in every generation for all eternity are the ones to ultimately bring us light, strength, joy and miracles; “LaYehudim Haiysa Orah v’Simcha!”  Men are generally endowed as inborn providers, but it is women’s Divine skill especially to receive, and bring those raw elements and details to actualization.  Our Jewish future depends upon her to actively carry out the instructions of the Torah through their practical application, raising one family at a time – or sphere of influence – to those values, and initiating our salvation.

Since her role is so significant, that is why Esther insisted her story be recorded in Torah to teach us this lesson, and empower each and every Jewish woman and girl to shoulder her precious responsibility, even in the face of adversity!  It’s up to us, dear Jewish sisters; let’s bring on the light of a brighter future, and Moshiach, NOW!

In what way can you personally become a Queen Esther, by implementing the ways of Torah into your life, especially on a practical level, setting a positive example for others and nurturing them with these values?