What’s New at JGU?


All-New “Ahava Magazine” Founded by JGU Teen, Chaya Gurevitz!

“Hey, have you heard about Ahava Magazine?  It’s a brand new email magazine, created by girls like you!” Hi, my name’s Chaya, and I started this email magazine for girls, called Ahava Magazine.  It started […]

Girls Inspired at Inaugural Retreat on Leadership Campus (JGR Summer 5779)

Hosted inaugurally at the brand-new, stunning, 13-acre Jewish Leadership Campus in Upstate New York, Jewish Girls Unite offered a weeklong summer retreat, inspiring girls to cultivate their talents and dreams as they grow into tomorrow’s […]

All-New Series of JGU Virtual Farbrengens!

BS”D Dear Sister, In partnership with Jewish Girls Unite, one of our members, Chaya Mushka Kievman from Melbourne, Australia, has sparked a new initiative: Virtual Farbrengens! We are so excited to G-d willing soon present […]

1st Year Anniversary of Blogging – Thank-You’s & Shoutouts

BS”D What an amazing year it has been…  So robust with experiences, light and dark, highs and lows, and rich with abundant new learning, inspiration and growth.  But the occupation of studying our holy Torah and disseminating […]

Delightful Accessory Boutique Kickstarted by 5th Grade Entrepreneur!

BS”D Sarah Wasserman of Fairlawn New Jersey, is a fifth-grade role model in entrepreneurship.  She, with a friend, has started a delightful accessory boutique by the name of “S&N Bows”.  A girl with inspiring drive, […]

Sukkot and Simchat Beit Hashoeivah: Giving Voice to the Power of Song

BS”D I dedicate these divrei Torah l’ilui nishmas all those who perished in the Las Vegas concert tragedy, and as a zechus for healing, strength, blessing and salvation for their survivors. ******************************* Sukkot, the Chag […]

Dear Beloved Daughters- A Letter from Sarah Imeinu

Dear Beloved Daughters, My dear daughters, you are each your own beautiful you. Don’t change yourself because of someone else. If you want to change, change for you. Don’t ever forget to be yourself, and […]

What’s New at JGU?

DID YOU KNOW WE OFFER WEEKLY ONLINE CLASSES FOR GIRLS OF ALL AGES? We are thrilled to offer a safe and loving place ONLINE for Jewish girls to learn and grow in a Live Classroom […]