When COVID-19 forces summer camps and our Jewish Girls Retreat to cancel, we will go virtual with an electrifying program for you from the comfort of your own home!

The Jewish Girls Retreat, “where every girl grows, shines, and is family,” is part of Jewish Girls Unite, a global online community empowering our daughters to be future mothers and leaders (www.JewishGirlsUnite.com).  Since 2000, JGR’s mission is to provide a safe, loving environment for ALL Jewish girls to explore Judaism through the arts, nature, and creativity.  

Although we regrettably can not unite in-person now, we are integrating our specialties in overnight summer camp (JGR) and innovative online education (JGU) to offer you the ultimate experience!

We are elated to announce our JGU Virtual Summer Retreat, running June 29-July 31, 2020 (Tammuz 7-Av 10, 5780), for girls entering grades 3-12 across the United States and beyond!  The program will offer arts and crafts, drama and dance, culinary arts, debate and public speaking, scriptwriting and puppetry, creative writing, music and singing, featured guests, night activities, nature and Torah, leadership training, fun and games, and connection with Jewish girls worldwide!  (We also are brainstorming a session for women, exclusively.)  Girls will cultivate a variety of talents, gain new skills in personal development and Jewish leadership, and create new friendships.

Please consider taking a few moments to fill out a survey to let us know how we can best serve your needs through this program. CLICK HERE for the survey!  For a form to request more information about the virtual retreat as we come out with more details, including pricing and our precise schedule, CLICK HERE!  We need your input, because your voice matters.  Please do not hesitate to reach out to us at JewishGirlsUnite@gmail.com with any comments or questions you may have.

Give your daughter – or yourself! – memories to last a lifetime, and inspiration and strength as we adapt to these extraordinary times with equally extraordinary measures. 



Allow Us to Reassure You if These are Your Concerns About a Virtual Retreat!

“It definitely won’t be as fun.”

Virtual meetups can become quite interactive and lively. Also, we will offer a wide array of activities for all interests. Give it a try; you may be delightfully surprised!

“My daughter can’t sit in front of a computer for so long; she will be bored.”

Fear not, the program will be so engaging that she will not be able to simply sit! She will be cooking, learning art-techniques, performing a skit or puppet-show, dancing and singing in harmony with peers, building her confidence as a speaker and author, and discovering new talents and her inner leader. We will also ensure frequent breaks from the screen, as well as physical activity through dancing, fitness, creative movement, and getting outdoors!

“My daughter won’t have a social life with online camp.”

Socializing in person is not the only way we can connect, as we are certainly observing these days. It may be different or a little difficult, but it also opens up amazing new opportunities. Under regular circumstances, your daughter might not have the chance to meet and befriend other girls like her from around the world! Our online students who have also been our campers believe the love of JGR can be felt through the screen, a love that no crisis or distance can negate. At JGU, we nurture a connection that transcends time and space through soulful activities that touch deeper than merely external (physical) association.