Sarah Wasserman of Fairlawn New Jersey, is a fifth-grade role model in entrepreneurship.  She, with a friend, has started a delightful accessory boutique by the name of “S&N Bows”. 

Sarah (on the left) with her business partner, showing off their wares– a very bright and inviting selection!

A girl with inspiring drive, she’s excited to be a part of JGU; she has a pearl of wisdom to share in a mini-interview with Mrs. Nechama Laber:

Mrs. Nechama Laber:  What have your learned from starting a business?

Sarah Wasserman:  I have learned that you can do anything if you try. Many people are jealous of our success and I have learned that we shouldn’t listen to negative comments that they say. Focus on the people who support and love us.  


Thanks Sarah for getting out there with your motivation and creativity and inspiring us!  And of course, for the gorgeous bows! :)  Much hatzlacha (success) and bracha (blessing) with all your endeavors!

You can personally contact Sarah at the following email address:

Chag Sameach!