Singers of Voices in Harmony: Interview with Shaindel Antelis

BS”D Chaya Gurevitz from West Virginia asked: What motivated you to become a singer?  Who or what was your inspiration?  Ever since I was a young girl, I loved to sing!  My father is a […]

Delightful Accessory Boutique Kickstarted by 5th Grade Entrepreneur!

BS”D Sarah Wasserman of Fairlawn New Jersey, is a fifth-grade role model in entrepreneurship.  She, with a friend, has started a delightful accessory boutique by the name of “S&N Bows”.  A girl with inspiring drive, […]

Challah Baking with Deanna

  Q. What was your first experience baking Challah? It was summer 2015 and the kitchen staff at the Jewish Girls Retreat were baking Challah for the camp. Nechama asked me if I wanted to […]

Circles for Unity

This month’s theme was how circles illustrate unity. Since I love photography, I planned to take photos of circles in nature. The closer I looked, the more I realized that what I thought were circles […]

The Magen David Necklace Part 2 Mushka Rothman

Miriam boarded the airplane. She took her seat in the plush chair that only airplanes have, and carefully fastened her buckle. She watched the practiced flight attendants demonstrate the safety techniques. The thought of jumping […]