Chana Weiss is a teen musician and JGU counselor from Michigan.  We interviewed her for an upcoming Spotlight Sunday at Jewish Girls Unite! 

In this feature, we will meet a different Jewish girl from around the world each week!  Stay tuned for more; and feel free to introduce yourself  and start a discussion in the comment section, below!


Q.) What are you passionate about, and why?

CW: I have always had a strong passion for music; listening to it, playing it, even composing it. I believe I first started playing violin when I was four, probably because my three older siblings already played instruments, and “little me” wanted to be able to make the same lovely sounds. So really it’s all thanks to my siblings for paving the musical way for me (especially my brother, the oldest in the family, for paving the way for all of us). Since then I have learned many instruments. It’s a hobby of mine to learn as many instruments as I possibly can!  I love music in so many ways, too many to write here. I hope that at least part of my future career will involve music, possibly teaching music, so I can pass on my own love of music to others.

Q.) Where do you find inspiration?

CW:  Tough one – a lot of places! I have been inspired by so many people. My parents, my teachers… Everyone has something that inspires me!  Inspiration can be something tiny that you may not even think about much, or something that really changes your life. 

Q.) How has JGU enhanced your life?

CW: Before I started attending JGU’s Flying to Freedom series last year, I didn’t know many Jewish girls my age. The religious Jewish community where I live is very small, and my Shul is bursting with babies and toddlers, which is wonderful as I love holding and playing with babies (another passion of mine, which COVID unfortunately put on hold).  But there is also something special about knowing people your own age. So it was really nice to log onto JGU and see a bunch of Jewish girls, all around my age!  I have gained some very close friendships through JGU, and hope to gain more. 


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