Creative Online Club


Introducing… Finish-the-Story!!!

BS”D This week, May 6/Iyar 21, Creative Online Club was transformed into an open meeting serving a two-fold purpose:  The JGU Magazine Team planned and arranged for our upcoming Shavuot Global Voices e-Magazine; and all […]

You are the Light By Neshama R. Sari

You Are The Light Written and Composed By Neshama R. Sari 2018 Verse 1: The dark is more than dark, the light is more than light, when together, the light shines brighter than the eyes […]

“Let’s Build a Word-Wall” How do I build a word-wall? What kind of bricks do I need? Infusing light into our situation through positive speech/words” Let’s build our inner Beis Hamikdash (inner temple) through words […]