If you were not able to personally participate in this wonderful workshop live, please enjoy a peek into it at the link below!  This past Sunday, we focused on shining soulfully and creatively through the power of writing!  We began writing visual and personal poems sharing the reflection of Sarah Imeinu, her life and legacy, in our own lives here and today.  Don’t be afraid to try it out, it is such a unique writing method; and you might be surprised at just what a masterpiece you can create!  Please share your thoughts and writing– we’d love to hear and see it!  You can submit right online here at Jewish Girls Unite, and we can put it up on the Blog; but even better, you can also join us yourself this Sunday for COC, have a chance to share your poem personally with so many talented girls and women who really care, and shine your inner light!


Shabbat Shalom!