Neshama’s Homeschooling Life


Miracle Song (Homeschooling Project) By Neshama Sari

  Miracle Lyrics/ Poem  Written by Neshama Sari Most people don’t know what we’ve gone through, they think that we were fine, but we don’t try to hide. We’ve been told that we’re nothing, it’s […]

Ruth Before and After Journey Painting by Neshama R. Sari


Ways to Be Jewish

Ways to be Jewish. Written  by Neshama Sari (Inspired by the story of Esther when she made a invitation to the King to hear her request) Making the party making lots of invitations friendly reminders […]

You are the Light By Neshama R. Sari

You Are The Light Written and Composed By Neshama R. Sari 2018 Verse 1: The dark is more than dark, the light is more than light, when together, the light shines brighter than the eyes […]

What is Miriam’s Drum?

What is Miriam Drum? It is best understood when Miriam waited until Moses was finished with his shir. Then she “took a drum in her hand, and all the women went out after her with drums […]

“Day of the Moshiach” Song By Neshama Sari

“Day of Moshiach” LYRICS Written By Neshama Sari (Parody of Lego Theme Song Composed by THE FOLD) This is the day of Moshiach nations united for all the days to come, remember the day of […]

A Double Mitzvah!

I have always created candlesticks over the years but in the past three years,  I sell them at my mother’s art shows and events. It has always been my passion for Jewish women to light Shabbos candles […]

“I have a Talent” Poem & Song

“I have a Talent” Poem & Song by: Neshama Sari   I Neshama, am a musical girl, I can help others by showing their own talents as pretty as a pearl. I’m inspired by music […]

Star Gazing my Jewish science project

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