“I used to feel very alone as a Jewish girl in a small rural town in Oregon. I would see big communities in other places and wonder what it was like to feel a part of something so special. There are no other Jewish girls my age where I live. That changed when I found Jewish Girls Unite.“


Dear Friends,

My name is Neshama Sari and I will be celebrating my Bat Mitzvah in early May 2016.

I started taking Jewish Girls Unite classes online not knowing what to expect…It has been


I live in a small rural town in Oregon with no other Jewish girls my age; I attend online

Jewish Day School. Imagine how excited I was when I learned about Jewish Girls Unite



JGU is the online community for Jewish girls and provides a safe and loving platform for all

girls to shine at http://www.jewishgirlsunite.com/. We get to meet new Jewish friends from

around the world with similar interests. I have been studying with JGU and meeting lots of

other young Jewish girls for a while now. Being a part of JGU has been a life-changing



At JGU they say they ‘create a place where girls interact with each other, building a

community together and strengthening bonds with their yiddishkeit.”

I want to tell you that this is 100% true! This has been my experience! For example, we

celebrate Rosh Chodesh with others girls and women from around the world, learning

through deep study from the Women in Torah, and exploring related topics to strengthen us

as we are learning how to become a true Bat Mitzvah.


Bat Mitzvah Project

For my Bat Mitzvah Project, I am raising money to support the 2016 launch of the special

JGU Shining Stars Creative Online Clubs in Art & Music. JGU creative clubs will cultivate the

artistic talents in Jewish girls, like myself, so we can shine our inner light. JGU creative

clubs will unite girls of all backgrounds through the universal language of the arts and

combine art with inspiration.  I have learned a lot and shared a lot already. I love art and

music, and I am looking forward to sharing with other Jewish girls my talents in these areas

as well. We create Jewish art imbued with lessons that will inspire the global community of

Jewish girls.


These new creative clubs will allow Jewish girls who also have a strong desire for art and

music to connect and share their creative hearts together. JGU has already helped me

become a stronger Jewish girl, and I know these new clubs will unite us with our faith and

each other even closer.


This is the year of Hakhel and the Rebbe said,

“It is also obvious how strongly the Mitzvah of Hakhel emphasizes the Torah-education of

 our children….these also must be assembled to let them hear and learn what Torah is, what

 a Mitzvah is, in a manner of learning that would imbue them with fear of G d, and, most

 importantly, that they should “observe and do all the words of this Torah,” the Torah from

 Sinai that shall never be changed — all of the above with such impact, “as if they heard it

 from G d Himself.”


I have directly experienced how JGU is filling this mission for Jewish girls, and I know

these new clubs will help bring even more Jewish girls together. I can’t wait! I have a very

limited amount of money to give myself, but I’ve learned through my classes that anyone

can do something to make impact if they are really inspired. I’m so excited to be able to join

these clubs and share and learn art and music from other Jewish girls and guest speakers

and teachers. I hope that you will consider helping me with this project by donating at


Thank you for considering this request in support of my Bat Mitzvah Project!! It means so

much to me, and to all Jewish Girls everywhere!