I have always created candlesticks over the years but in the past three years,  I sell them at my mother’s art shows and events. It has always been my passion for Jewish women to light Shabbos candles to bring more light, peace and goodness in the world. A week ago at a Chanukah Art/Book Fair at Jewish Community Center event, I decided to also carry the Rebbe’s gold candlesticks to give out free to Jewish women to light ‘One More Light.’ I chose to be a ‘One More Light Ambassador’ and so I encouraged them to sign up at www.1morelight.com. I gave them my card and I took their contact information to follow up with them and share the lighting every Friday night. I will send them weekly reminders and Shabbat Shalom wishes.

I was able to give out 6 of the Rebbe’s gold candlesticks,  and I also sold all of the candlesticks that I made and I then gave the money to tzedaka. A DOUBLE MITZVAH!

handpainted wood