Let’s Build a Word-Wall”

How do I build a word-wall?

What kind of bricks do I need?

  • Infusing light into our situation through positive speech/words”
  • Let’s build our inner Beis Hamikdash (inner temple) through words of light and positivity
  • Let’s build others’ inner temples through words of light and postivity
    • True leaders encourage and motivate, create and direct through positivity and bringing out the positivity and inner strength in others
    • By allowing others to shine we shine
    • Hshem builds the world through words, so do we, build our inner worlds and others’ through words
    • Take concepts and positive words that a true leader will exemplify and bring out in others
      • with which character traits does a true leader shine?
      • with which character traits does the leader encourage others to shine and develop?
        • steps:
          • sketch empty brick wall
          • fill with words of leadership qualities and character
          • paint your color of choice
          • optional: colors can be based on the sefirot (spirtual spheres of influence)
            • chesed-kindness-white/silver
            • gevurah-strength-red/gold
            • tiferes-harmony-purple/yellow
            • netzach-victory-light pink
            • hod-splendor/gratitude-dark pink
            • yesod-bonding-orange
            • malchus-kingship/expression-blue
            • HAVE FUN! BE CREATIVE

by: Fraida Zwiebel

by: Ahuvah Coates, C.O.C Art Coach