“Which Purim Hero are You?” –By Chaya Gurevitz

The new girl in class is being bullied.  Do you: Stand up to the bully and make her stop Go tell the teacher Take your cue from the other girls    Which job would you […]

Chanukah History Quiz

How well do you know the history of this holiday? Test your knowledge here! 1. On what day (of the Jewish year) does Chanukah begin? A. 25th of Cheshvan B. 1st of Tevet C. 25th […]

Quiz: Are you Daring?

By Shterni Kesselman, illustrations by Tehilla Finkelstein Have you ever wondered if you’re really daring or not? Like, after a huge final, you call yourself ‘daring’ for going through and surviving it…and then stopping yourself […]